The company operates primarily in two distinct areas, namely:

  • BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT – Structuring New Businesses
  • M & A CONSULTING – Consulting in Mergers & Acquisitions

We can also act on restructuring processes (“TURN-AROUND”) because the same techniques and methodologies applied in structuring new businesses can be applied to restructure businesses in trouble. However, our participation in turn-around processes is usually done in partnership with other companies that are coordinating these projects. In this case, we lend our team, tools and methodologies permitting our partners to execute their task.

Business development

Our vocation is to identify technologies in other markets, particularly in Asia, the United States, Europe and Israel, and bring them to the Brazilian market.

We do not offer what the market calls “Start Up”.

According to the Brazilian Association of Startups, a Startup is:

         “A company of technological base with a replicable and scalable business model, which has innovative elements and works in conditions of extreme uncertainty.” (italicising and highlighting not from the original)

Indeed a Startup is usually related to a technology area completely new and unknown.  In this case, the uncertainty of success conditions are extreme.


The ONIX CONSULTING prefers to adopt the concept we have called “TSR” – Transfer, Structure and Rollout.

As with every Business, to succeed it is not sufficient to have just a good Product. It is crucial to establish whether there is a Market requiring this product, even if with a latent demand, and that this business be very well-structured, with great staff, Governance and modern Management techniques.

It is essential that there is a Market that requires this product, even if it is a latent demand, and the business is very well structured, with great staff, Governance and modern techniques Management.

Hence, to minimize risks and extreme uncertainty, the proposal from ONIX Consulting is to structure new businesses for established markets having a demand for them.  These new businesses should be based on recognised technologies and apply an equally established methodology in business structuring and management.


ONIX CONSULTING does not offer consulting when it comes to BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT.  We structure new businesses in exchange for equity.

We participate from the inception of the project, identifying the technology to be brought to the Brazilian market, continuing to act through out its structuring, culminating in its sale or perpetuation.

To do so, we divide our participation in three distinct stages:

Planning, Implementation and Control

ONIX CONSULTING will always be a minority shareholder, given that the largest stake on the business will belong to investment partner(s).

We can describe the three steps mentioned above through the following key-activities:

  • Identification of the Technology to be brought in;
  • Market Research, in order to identify whether there is demand for this technology;
  • Preliminary Study with the objective of determining whether there is market demand, price and margins, even if in preliminary way;
  • Business Plan containing all of the details of products, services, prices, costs, results projections, etc.;
  • Feasibility Study to orient a decision regarding whether to proceed with this business;
  • Attracting investors;
  • Structuring of the business altogether, including staff, physical structure, operating structure, etc.
  • Controlling interest, adopting modern management techniques, Corporate Governance, procedures and processes, with direct participation at the level of the Board;

Our ultimate goal may be to sell the company, a process of going public (IPO) or even indefinite-term receipt of dividends through its perpetuation.


ONIX CONSULTING also acts in mergers and acquisitions.

Due to the great experience of its founding partner in M & A processes, ONIX CONSULTING can offer full spectrum of support, from structuring the company to become a potential seller, through to completion of the sale.

We can advise both the Seller and the Buyer’s of a business. However, our preference is for advising the Seller because of our previous track-record of success in this sort of assistance.     

          “A process of sale / purchase is highly sensitive both to the party that is selling and to the party that is acquiring. Normally the acquiring party is bigger and more powerful. Thus, the selling party needs to be very well advised. We can do this because we have practical experience in this subject and a track-record of success”.

Helio Ferraz