"If I had to choose a quality, a characteristic that I consider to be the mostly correlated to success, in whatever area, I would opt for perseverance, for determination."
Richard M. Devos
"Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice. 
It is not something you should expect, is something you must achieve."
William Jennings Bryan
"Almost nothing in the world can stop a person with positive attitude who has a clear goal."
Herbert Casson


Services proposed by ONIX CONSULTING require, in addition to subject matter expertise, ethical and professional conduct.

Our team of consultants and specialists is formed by people who have held pivotal positions in large corporations and built a track-record of results and success, so that they know how important the concept of Professionalism is.

We always aim to exceed the expectations of our customers, partners and investors, without, however, losing our commitment to best practices and elegance in attitude.



Experience is a synonyme of Knowledge and fruit of having actually lived situations. The team in ONIX CONSULTING is staffed by professionals who have lived throughout their lives experiences of great success.

These experiences, combined with the techniques and the most modern and advanced methods, result in the distinguished quality of our services.


Our services


Business Development

Structuring new business is an activity that requires extensive knowledge of modeling, modern techniques, proven methodologies and an optimal level of relationship with the market.

If you are an investor looking for great opportunities with good rates of return and moderate risk, come and get to know our projects. But if you have a good idea, or even a product already established in other markets, bring it to ONIX CONSULTING.

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M&A Consulting

ONIX CONSULTING also acts in merger and acquisitions processes.

We can advise both the Seller and the Buyer of a business.

We operate from the preparation of the company phase, whether for sale or purchase, until the stage of negotiations and closing the deal.

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