ONIX CONSULTING is an organisation with the goal of structuring new business, following very clear and objective Master Guidelines, to make them successful, generating the expected results for all participants.

It is an initiative of its founding partner who, over the course of his more than 30 years of professional experience, has developed techniques and methodologies for structuring and managing projects and business, working for / with large national and multinational groups.

He has a team of experienced and competent professionals, with historical results and set of skills necessary for the work to be developed, aiming to surpass the expectations of our customers, partners and investors.

“Making money is very good, but it is even better when it comes from a well-structured business that perpetuates itself, gains notoriety, becomes a positive reference, being ethical and sustainable, fulfilling its obligations and generating opportunities and values ​​for all direct and indirect participants”

Helio Ferraz